Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cyborgs, winged heros and cover art

Well, I am delighted to announce that my first Cyborg book, Assessing Survival, is in the loving and fanatical hands of my editor. My proofer is drooling and I am relieved. I didn't think I would get it done on time with the distraction of my rage book.

Now, on the rage front. The book is 2 scenes from completion and I already have cover art.
I like it. :)  It was done by the marvelous Angela Waters and she enjoyed the process of matching my description to the cover. Shopping for cover models has never been so weird.
"Yeah, well, I guess he will be okay when you paint him blue."
"Don't forget I am putting wings on him. Does he need pants?"
Sadly... he did need pants. :)
I am hoping to have the book done and up in time for an April 15th release date, but it may have to join Assessing Survival on May 1.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rage Writing

Well, for the last 2 days I have been rage writing.

What is Rage Writing you say? Let me tell you...
When I started writing for Extasy books, I made it my business to keep up with what was popular. I was learning, absorbing, and numbing my brain to the use of graphic language.

Lately, I decided I needed to start reading again. I turned to an author I had read back in the old days and bought a series I hadn't read before.  It was erotic sc-fi and with every page I got more and more furious.
There was no science, no plot, and the heroine could have been played by an attractive sheep that could gestate children and it would have been the same book. Books. Physics and biology had flown out the window, even given the speculative nature of the kind of stories I like, it was beyond understanding.

I fell into a gnashing stage of rage.

For the first time in 10 years I started writing a story that had no cover art and worse... no title. I just wanted to scrub that story out of my brain and replace it with one that had science, a bit of backstory and a heroine with a backbone.

I don't know if I will ever release this tale, but it will be finished this week and I have to decide whether my irritation should see the light of day.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

I am back.

Well, in the last year I have had a few good things, a few bad things and a few mixed things. All of them have led me to one conclusion. My mind and how I think about the world is changing, so my work is going to change.

First I am going to tackle death. So to speak. I lost my father in July and his mother passed away in January of this year. The shift in the way I feel about the world rotated dramatically.

Second. A problem I had not known I had was solved and now I am down one ovary but I feel a lot better.  My physical reconditioning continues daily and I am happy to be seeing a change in my ability to move around.

Third. I started to self publish. The first book, One Part Human has been zipping around in my brain for a while and now it got to come out.  After that came Two Parts Demon, Three Parts Fey, Ritual Space, Defying Eternity, and by June 2016, Monster Baiter will be out and about.

Fourth. I created a mini series of short stories revolving around Santa's Reindeer and their escape from the workshop. Operation Reindeer Retrieval has gotten a lot of favourable comments and I am the delighted that I was able to bring a laugh to the readers during the holidays.

Now, we get to the point of this whole thing... I do love this next cover.  Mechanical Advantage is my new Cyborg series that will be up for Pre-order in the usual spots in April and released on May 1, 2016.
This gentlemen's name is Nikolai and he is very eager to get some time alone with Stitch, the Assessment Specialist who designed his implants.
Well, that is it until the next time I pop in. There have been a few new ideas roaming around in my head and it is time to exorcise my demons...or aliens. Time will tell.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, eight and a half years ago, my first book came out with Extasy books and in the intervening time I have written nearly 300 stories and 3 novels.

How near is it? On January 1, 2015, my 300th book will be out.

now, I have been wondering...which book should it be? Should it be the Terran Times Second Wave book? The Zenina Masters story, or a Tale of the Citadel.  What to choose, what to choose, what to choose as my flagship for 2015.

Also new and fun news. Since the IRS has seen fit to grant this lowly Canadian an ITIN number, I am now able to self publish books with US distributors. I am so keen on this I am not even kidding. I have dozens of universes in my head and now I will have a place to put them. 
My schedule at Extasy books is maxed out, but my brain won't stop, so this will let some of my stories come out and play.
Ah...my first book published. It seems just yesterday I was watching the character go insane and wondering if my editor would freak. 
 and the facelift given to the book to bring it a little more up to date.  Ah, for the days of awkward Poser men. lol.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Once upon a time... VACATION!

Once upon a time, there was an author who's brain felt like a toaster. Sure, she had plenty of ideas and even more cover art, but deep inside she could smell a scorching in her brain region.
What was the author to do?
She talked to her editor and the EIC and they agreed that she might need a bit of a breather.
And so, the author took off two whole release days...an equivalent of 5 short stories or one novel.
Two days into the vacation, the author could already feel herself unclenching.
On the current agenda is a bubble bath tomorrow with some more plotting of stories that are not due for over a blissful month. AHHHHH!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The force is strong in my GPS

Last year when I traveled on my own to Cinncinati for the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together, I needed a new GPS voice. The wussy little feminine voice that it comes with is far too timid to cut through radio and road noise.
With that in mind I went to the TomTom website and uploaded... C3P0. That is right, Anthony Daniel's shrill and clipped voice guided me through Chicago (where i was visiting my editor) and down the highways to the gathering.

Fast forward to this year where I have lost my beloved TomTom inside a box in the reno hell that is still my basement. We are unpacking them slowly but I would rather spend time writing than digging through boxes.
And so...I just got a new GPS. A Garmin GPS that does not have C3P0 as an option (insert sad face here). However, this year...Darth Vader will be escorting me down south with his tie fighter showing me my location on my wee little magical box.
That's right. After testing all the voices for coherency and ease of understanding, I went with Darth Vader over Oscar the Grouch...When did I lose the child within, I ask you?