Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Game of Patience

Well, with six books seething in the hopper, I kept writing. No release dates came my way and when I queried about it, I was told there were problems with the new site, that the CEO was holding things back (found later to be untrue. CEO was shocked when she saw the size of the backlog.), and that sci-fi didn't sell.
During NanoWriMo, I created the Warders. The Warder's Djinn, the Warder's Dragon and the Warder's Wolf.

Still nothing was on the horizon for a release, and when a new author who had taken a space in the 'Sins and Virtues' collection had a nervous breakdown, I stepped in and took Anger.

This book was GUARANTEED to come out on Feb 14th with the rest of the books in the series so I wrote up a storm and almost went nuts in the process. My heroine did the same, so we were crazy together.

My release date finally arrived and I was giddy with excitement. Due to a problem with setting up a new website, the publisher's site was down and the books were listed at a well trusted third party seller...

Two weeks from the first release of my first book...Things went sideways.

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