Saturday, 26 March 2011

My first Book and what the heck is going on...

Wardstone was out, the third party seller known as Ebookad was selling it and I was excited.

Something strange started happening to the Ebookad website. It was there one day, gone the next and back again. Finally, 6 weeks after my book release, Ebookad was gone. No one had an idea of what was going on.

It turns out that this third party seller had not paid their bills. Their website was 'unplugged' by their server, and now all of the publishers were stuck without having been paid.

Now, most folks are unaware that if our publisher's don't get paid, we don't get paid. It is in our contracts. And so with this disaster, not only did my first sales go up in smoke, but I had no idea when or if my next book would come out.

Not an auspicious start to a new writing career.

My publisher took out a personal loan and paid out all of the ebookad sales that she could find. This gave me payment for the first 14 books I ever sold. Despite the roiling nausea that was filling me at this point, I was encouraged. People were willing to read my work and I had 11 books in the hopper by now at my publisher. This might work out after all.
Now, I just needed another book to be released...

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