Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book 100 comes out tonight...

It took a bit of time, but I managed to complete book 99 (Shaken and Stirred). It is not my strongest work, but it is a cute story that will be continued in Echo in Time.

With Tosha and Micix squared away it was time to work on Captive of the Stars...or as I call it...Book 100.

I started Captive last summer when I took a few weeks off to work on anything that fluttered through my thoughts, so it was with some surprise that I realized I had named the female lead Nasha. Tosha and Nasha have been destined to debut since the moment I first put pen to paper. Or, fingers to keyboard. It just goes to show you the horrible truth...I forget most of my work the moment that I send it to the editor.
The book changed from my original idea. The characters shifted and the harsh edges that had seemed so reasonable in August were now softened by my mood of the Spring. Being a stream of consciousness author, I play a movie in my mind and simply dictate what I see. The characters determine what will happen next and if I write mean people or conflicts that I can't resolve, I get downright cranky.

To all the readers...thank you for hanging in there with me...Not all of my works have been fabulous and you have told me when I stumbled. The honesty has been tempered with kindness and for that I thank you as well. Many reviewers can be a little harsh with authors of fluff (in which category I firmly place myself) and they take umbrage when there is not enough conflict. 
It seems that those reviewers just do not get it. I am not out to highlight conflict, I want to make people smile. I want to lighten their day, I want them to forget the outside world for just a little while and reenter it with a lighter heart.

Improving someone's day has been my goal over the last 100 books and it is up to the readers to determine whether they want me to continue or not.

I wonder what book 101 will be like...


  1. I enjoy reading your books, and I have never considered them 'fluff'. I see them as my escape, however brief, from the daily grind of work and real life, and I enjoy every minute of it. When work has been particularly tough, I know I can grab one of your stories (metaphorically speaking)and be swept away to another world, one where anything is possible and love wins out over evil. Nothing 'fluffy' about that. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I've had from your stories, and I look for many more.

  2. Thanks Nancy,
    I am a realist. I know that folks read my books the same way I watch lighthearted comedies. It makes me feel good, smile, and then I can face the rest of my day.
    I will leave murder mysteries and twisted plots to those who love them.
    I like happy sunshiny books. :)

  3. When I get home I want to relax, not continue the stress that work started. I look forward to your books because I know that they're guaranteed to soften my mood, which makes everyone else at home happy.