Friday, 1 April 2011

Holy SNERT! Never Again!!!!

Today marks my 98th individual release under my Viola Grace name (not including Anthologies or co-writes), okay, technically it is 99, but who's counting?
Never again will I have 4 books out on the same day. Each had its challenges, and this is where you get to hear about them.  (do you like my use of commas? my editors spend most of their time picking them out).
We will begin with the book finished first. My contribution to the new bookstore that Extasy has acquired, Trapezium Ebooks.

Now, I love fairy tales. and my first book of for the Trapezium Exclusives was well received, so Flight and Fantasy took shape in my mind. The retelling of the ugly duckling came easily to me. I love fairy tales, fables and touches of steampunk. This story had it all in one tiny package.
Here is a secret that no one knows, so don't tell. I can't really write well until I find or have a picture to work from. Once I see the picture I spin the story to make it happen.
I saw the bodysuit and wings and knew that Annanya was in a flight suit competition. A wingless woman in a world of angels. She doesn't use a sword in the book, but it looks cool, so I went from there.

Next on the hit parade was for my alter ego. I don't get my regular editor for the Zenina Masters books, so I try and finish them first.

For those who don't know, I use the Zenina Masters name so I can write stuff that is outside my normal purview without freaking out my regulars. So the Zenina stuff is a little coarser, more violent and yes, each book features foursomes. I don't mind writing triads as Viola, but for foursomes, it is easier to put the Zenina mask on. If you buy something under Zenina, no reader can tell me that they were shocked by content. (in a later post, I will tell you why I created my alter.)
Anyhoo...This is my dragon shifter menage. I love the dragons and will eventually write a Viola set of the Terran Times where Drai (dragon) sleepers wake and have their wicked and determined way with the Terran Volunteers.
Take Me On was the first of the Shifter Sets, and with three more of those to go, I am cautiously optimistic.

Then there was Multiple Organisms.
Now, earlier I said that I wrote from a picture. Not true in the case of the Sector Guard. All of the book titles exist right now and I use those to tell me what will happen. This title made me laugh when I thought of it, and I still smile every time I see it.
I use my books as free therapy. I work out all of the slights and insults I have ever received and I turn them into entertaining stories. So it is for Drahali. She is a character known for her strength and nothing else. She wants to be seen for everything she is, not just the one aspect. In my opinion, something a lot of women struggle with today.
So, the story took off and Remar ended up with the same hangups from the other side of the gender spectrum. They are orphans in the emotional issue storm, but they begin working to a mutually beneficial attraction by the end of the book. Yes ladies, he can be six men at once, but there is no sex in this book. :)  Neener, neener, neener.

Ah, Chaos was an easy write. It didn't fight me like Take On Me did. It simply wove itself gracefully into a story that made me smile in the end. The bears on the cover made me laugh and I knew it had to be a multi-shifter book. Her graceful gown was too pretty for her surroundings, so she became the reluctant avatar of a planet. Zora had her own issues. Grumpy any time she was around crowds or out of her element she turned into a sweetheart the moment they touched down and she could enjoy the white glow of the new world. 
I was halfway through writing this book when I noticed that I had never given the guys their first names, so I kept it that way. She lives, laughs, loves (yes, this is a menage) and snarls at her men while calling them by their last names. They never mentioned their first names and she didn't think to ask.
The part of my brain displayed here is my innate grumpiness with my complete inability to learn names. 

So, when I next post about my current books, I will keep you informed about my countdown to number 100.
The books will be Captive of the Stars at Extasy, and Shaken and Stirred at Devine Destinies...which one should get to wear the badge of book 100, I wonder?


  1. To satisfy my insecurities, I gave myself a comment. i am pathetic. :)

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see 4 books released on the 1st (or the night before). When I looked at the website earlier in the week, everything in coming soon was dated for mid April or later, so I was only hoping for maybe a ZM book. I was very happy when I opened my email and several book notices popped up from you! I like happy surprises.

    Book 100 - a book set in the Alliance universe or in the newer Hashka universe - tough choice.

    Have to go take cough syrup before I hack up a lung.


  3. :) That was because I try and update my WIP page before release day so folks aren't waiting for books that are already out. Faulty logic, I know. but if I said I update my website in the wee hours would you forgive me?

  4. Forgiven. Normally I just wait and see what gets released without checking the website in advance. I do really appreciate that you keep your site up to date on releases etc.