Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Beloved Champions

The Champions of Terra is and will probably always be my most beloved series. Not only did they garner me some sales, but they let me settle into my sci-fi genre with some confidence. Being a nerd, I was quite comfortable in the land of speculative fiction and enjoyed every moment I could spend in the Alliance with my Champions.

When I first conceived of the Champions, it all began with Amy Tyrell. The image in my mind of a woman dressed from head to toe in concealing armour was a beacon to me. What would it be like to live where you could touch no one and no one could touch you? Why would anyone agree to it to begin with?
She had to be the mover and shaker in the Alliance. She had to be the one behind the scenes making things happen.
With Amy as a pivotal character, the plot for the others started to roll along. Kyra was the catalyst, she found the lost planet of Admar and set the rest of the events in motion. On the way to the planet she had discovered she was kidnapped and her violent reaction got her sent to the Arena Station where she met her match.
Amy is there when she is found, but what we don't know is the other three women involved have been twisted into the circle by events.
Samantha was a hunter who tracked Kyra after Sarah had pinpointed her location by watching the mating vid. Annabelle was the Pilot of the warship that transported the attack vessels to Arena Station. These women were all in the same place at the same time and didn't even know it.

Amy Tyrell steered each of these women, these Champions of what it meant to be human into stable relationships with men who complimented their diverse characteristics.

Now, what few readers know is that the origin stories for each champion were included in the Print copy of Champions of Terra available at Amazon.
When the books went to print, it was a sneaky thing for me to plant their origins and basic training in the back of the book, but I consider it a 'special feature'. :)

The Champions went up with only a bit of a fuss. The fight for the cover art was one of my first. With the light nature of my books a Manga style cover was produced, unfortunately the main character had a gun pointed right at the reader. I hate guns. So, I whined, begged and pleaded, and eventually was able to describe the sort of 'Bond girl' silhouette from the beginning of the movies. The Champions are all different, races, colouring and physiques. The concession was that I would use the same cover for all five books. 
Many new authors do not ever earn back their cover art, but since I was positive that there would be an audience for them, I agreed to the change in text colour for each book. Angela Waters did the artwork and she got what I was aiming at. I was very happy when the cover art was done and my Champions were launched.

I think it adds a unification to the series, to have the same cover, but there was an added selling point for me. No one at the time was using colourful covers. It made my books stand out and once they were blinded by the pink and purple and read, they stayed for the excerpt.

To those of you who have read the Champions, thank you for helping me to get a toe hold in the sci-fi erotica readership. They laid the foundation for the Sector Guard and the Terran Times, and I wouldn't be here without them.

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