Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Your Biggest Fan...

Some of you may have written me at one point or another, some follow my work, some think I suck out loud, but to anyone who has ever read one of my books, I am your biggest fan.
Along the way, many authors forget that without someone to purchase their books, they are engaged in something that amounts to verbal masturbation.
My personal philosophy is that you are a writer when you put pen to paper and an author when someone you don't know reads your work. I have done a lot of mentoring over the last few years and that is the one thing that creates the demarcation mark for newbies. Sometimes it makes them acknowledge that while they want to write, they never want someone else -- a stranger -- to read it.
Many have told me that the most recent blockbuster movie looks just like their book and to them I have to say "I call bullshit."
There are apparently only a dozen or so master plots in the world, it is the author's interpretation that makes the story line original. You can't avoid similarities, but you can put your own twist on the wonderful world of your own making.

It came to me as a bit of a shock the day that a reviewer referred to my books as 'enthralling morality tales'. Had I been lecturing my readers? I went over the stories and realized that I had.
They didn't complain, and many enjoyed it, so I came to realize it was 'my style' and went on with writing. If they didn't enjoy my work, they never would have bought the next book in the series.
 And favourite part of the process began...the emails. I started to get fan mail from those who enjoyed my work, it made them laugh, it kept them smiling and occasionally it exhausted their husbands. Each letter made tears come to my eyes. These folks were enjoying what I had spun out of my mind and were looking forward to more.

How could I resist?

To my Readers...I am Your Biggest Fan...
Thank you.

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