Thursday, 5 May 2011

What I have learned so far...

Okay, the book I am working on combines a regular bunch of human ladies, paranormal abilities, evil aliens, a hole in space and a planet full of alien superheroes who have been left to die.
So far it is coming slowly but surely.

Now...I just wonder if there is anyone out there who wants to read it when it is done? Believe it or not, many authors, myself included, are not sure if a new series/book will capture an audience.  I am hoping it will, but braced for anything.

 That is my business plan. Brace for anything. :-)


  1. sounds like something I'd read, esp the alien superheroes.

  2. If you write this with even a tenth of the imagination and talent you usually use, I would love to read this new adventure you are starting on. After all, I have foolowed you to untold worlds I'd never have experienced without you, and have enjoyed every step of the journey. So it is time to explore again. Lead on, oh fearless leader and the faithful will follow you.

  3. I too enjoy all your worlds, but especially like the sci-fi ones. Seems like there are more opportunities for the imagination. I would definitely like to read this.

  4. I haven't found a book of yours that I don't enjoy... multiple times. I would read your series even if it was to see what you wrote. Bring it on! :D

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