Thursday, 18 August 2011

Faery Tales and fantastic frolicks

The above books make up my favourite series to date. Faery tales with a sci fi twist are not to everyone's taste, but they are gathering a small but loyal audience. 
I am left with a conundrum. My publisher has agreed to release the books in a bound volume (print book for signing) for RT 2012 (including all 12 tales), and of course for the Lori Foster Gathering 2012.

So...What should the book be called? Grace's Sci-rotic Tales? 
Grace's Tales - Sci fi faery tales for adults.
Weirder by the dozen?

If you have any ideas...let me know. Every bit of inspiration helps...and as tales for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, All fur, Snow white and others loom before me...Input is vital. :)

Thanks for anyone who can come up with help on the book title.


  1. Not being very imaginative, I just call the series "SF Fairy Tales" in my calibre collection info.

    Happy to know that 7 more are coming, same scenario? Exclusive trapezium release then eventual release elsewhere?

    Is Micro Lena the next coming out?

    Hopefully the book will include the various covers as they are always very appealing.

  2. This may be lame, but since there will be 12 tales, how about "Viola's Faery Dozen"?

    Can't wait for the next 7. They are clever and unique twists to the fairy tales we've grown up with.

  3. Hiya Elizabeth,
    Yes, the series will follow the same format, Trapezium and then other outlets.
    Micro Lena is September 1. A reworking of Thumbelina for the sci-fi age.
    As for the cover art, I will ask Tina if she can load them into the formatting somehow. They are really nifty, ain't they?

  4. Grace's Fairy Tales - A Dozen Original Sci-fi Faery Tales.

    How's the super heroes story coming along?

  5. hiya Dee,
    Well, it has been on hold during the summer. My sister has been staying with me and any changes with my environment mess with my concentration. She goes back to school (she's in her 30's) in Sept, so I am hoping to fling it into gear then. that book will be done in 2011 damn it!