Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Making my Characters work for me...

Now, as some of you know, Writing is my day job.
It has been my pleasure to write full time for just over two years now. (two years, two, weeks and three days)
Now, since I have gotten a regular income going, I have decided to pour money back into my house. Based on the series I have written, the breakdown works out sort of like this.

My landscaping was done by the Champions of Terra. As my oldest series they have done more to keeping me in my home and my bills paid than any of my others. They put the bricks into my sidewalk and crafted my patio. Hardworking Terrans, Admaryn, Azon, Avari, a Haldis Emperor and a cranky Dhemon all got together and made my yardwork happen. No more loss of soil or my neighbours yard draining into mine. GO CHAMPIONS!

The Warders are responsible for my next project. A little more modest and closer to home, they will be doing my windows, guarding me against the harsh Winnipeg winters.

Next January, the Terran Times will be called out to work on a new kitchen, while the Sector Guard sponsor my new floors.

In case you think I have forgotten about The Sisters of Silverwood, They bought me a very nice eco-friendly table and chairs for my deck.

Here is wondering what the Hashka can come up with next year...Possibly new bathrooms in 2013.
Who knows with those charming blue whackos.

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