Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Apologies

Sorry that it has been so long since I posted. I have been wrestling with a slight problem of isn't writer's block, but it is writer's dribble.
Currently, I am working on Intercept, the third book in my Drai/Terran times tales.
Knowing how my characters will react to stimuli is normally an easy thing for me, but Maud has been fighting me all the way. She simply shuts down and while that is a personality trait i am familiar with, it is a hard one to write in an interesting manner.

I am confident that she will snap out of it soon, but working to get her into a situation where she can relax is going to be tricky.
This trickiness has marked Intact, Intensity, and the last two Sector Guard books. the only books that want to come free of my mind easily are the fairy tales and only one of those is released per month.

and you know the reason for my silence. i just couldn't think of what to say. One more block in an autumn of headaches.

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