Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vegas...home of pervy ideas.

So...last week I went to Las Vegas for 7 days. I saw Cirque's 'O', the knights in the Tournament of Kings, and Thunder From Down Under. Oddly enough, it was the Cirque performance that stimulated my plotting and scheming genes. Some time in the future there will be a book/short story by me that will combine all three of those ideas into a Terran Times book that will occur back on earth.
That's right. there are aliens amongst us and they are living in Vegas as anyone surprised?

The above Old Tyme photo taken at the Buffalo Photo shop in Circus Circus has my two friends and my humble self. In order from left to right, Barb, Viola (smirk), and Gale.   I still can't believe that they let me hold a gun. (barrel was empty, chambers were empty and it was a replica so no danger of my finger in the trigger).

Out of all the hotels visited in the days I was there, the most fun I had was at Circus Circus. It suits me in some ways I can't describe. :)

Oh, and Tomorrow NIGHT marks the release of Escaping Lightning. My favourite of the fairy tales at Trapezium so far.

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