Saturday, 5 November 2011

midnight manicure

There. better photos of my nails. I should really stop doing midnight manicures. Sigh...Sadly, I feel that penguin nails will be my 'thing' during the holidays.
Or...falling stars and nebulas. is a dangerous thing.

Now...on to writing. Seal the Deal has taken a weird turn. My friends Dave and Gale had their beloved Samoyd Niki pass on to the great bunny chase in the sky. As such, my solo heroine is joining the Sector Guard with the first pet ever. Maxi will join Counsel as they travel with Contract to assignments.
I look forward to the problems of a large fluffy venomous pet in the confined area of a shuttle.

Oh, and on a Zenina Masters note. The Four Ever More series will resume in December.
There. i am finally using my blog for good and not evil. Well, the nails are a little evil. :)

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