Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Reading and Writing don't mix...

As some of you may know, and others may not care but here it is anyhoo... I am bi-polar. This means that I am either up and chipper or mopey and grim. Both show up in my books.
It is under control and I live a fairly normal life, but the ups and downs still happen.
When I am in a down cycle, I read to snap me out of  it. The problem in this is that I was recently reading an erotic series and now I have to write a mainstream book.
So, here I am...working on a Sector Guard book and I am having to censor the hell out of the characters to keep them from jumping each other on the page.  It is a bizarre conundrum and one I have rarely faced before. How to make inherently sexy characters keep to business is my fight and you can let me how I did when Seal the Deal comes out.


  1. Frankly, you haven't written a book that I haven't liked so just keep writing and I, for one, will be happy.

  2. I have to agree with Kari! You really do rock and i'm thrilled that more Zenina Masters books are coming.