Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Short Destiny...

I have fought to complete my full-length novel all summer and I only have one conclusion...I was destined for short stories.

While I can write a full novel, I get bored with the project and lose my focus. I still want to complete Confining Fire, but instead of seeking mainstream publication, I may simply hand it over to my current publisher.

Extasy books has always done a good job with my work, in editing and in cover design (yes, the poser covers are my idea. i like knowing that the story you are about to read does not have any ties to reality)

So, with 1/3 of my novel in place, I have decided to let it sleep and I will concentrate on the stuff that I really enjoy. The short stories that frustrate reviewers and kindle readers alike.

It has been peculiar that folks object to the idea of short stories, but from this moment on, they can stuff it. I am a short story writer and that is where I will pitch my tent.


  1. Viola, I read so much so quickly that receiving multiple shorter books just keeps me going. I like what you write no matter the length. There are enough writers out there that only put out one or two books per year. I enjoy them but I never get enough. So, just keep doing what you do best and we will continue to enjoy it as quickly as you let us. Thanks for continuing doing what you love.

  2. Hello Viola, I am sorry to hear that writing a longer main stream book does not work out for you very well, but on the other hand I am selfishly glad about it. I am sure your longer main stream would certainly be great however, I like what you have been writing. I found the Nexus series earlier this year and have been hooked and I am currently reading through the Sector Guards. Thank you for your deciding to continue to write what you have been writing and what we readers love to read. Regards, Chloe

  3. Viola, I agree with both Kari and Chloe. I too am selfishly glad to have your short stories coming out every month. I anxiously wait for each new one to come out as I can't get enough of the worlds and characters you have brought to us. I am on my third time through the Sector Guard and Champions of Terra series and about to start my third time through the Terran Times series. After those, I'll start the second time through Sisters of Silverwood, Nexus, and the Warder series. I like your women; they are strong with good values, optimistic and open-minded, and most of all - smart! It forces their men to step up to the plate if they want to have a even a remote chance of making an impression. Keep up the excellent writing, Viola. We'll follow wherever you take us. Jeanne

  4. Aww...Jeanne... You made me all weepy. Snivel... :)