Sunday, 2 September 2012

Once upon a time... VACATION!

Once upon a time, there was an author who's brain felt like a toaster. Sure, she had plenty of ideas and even more cover art, but deep inside she could smell a scorching in her brain region.
What was the author to do?
She talked to her editor and the EIC and they agreed that she might need a bit of a breather.
And so, the author took off two whole release equivalent of 5 short stories or one novel.
Two days into the vacation, the author could already feel herself unclenching.
On the current agenda is a bubble bath tomorrow with some more plotting of stories that are not due for over a blissful month. AHHHHH!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The force is strong in my GPS

Last year when I traveled on my own to Cinncinati for the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together, I needed a new GPS voice. The wussy little feminine voice that it comes with is far too timid to cut through radio and road noise.
With that in mind I went to the TomTom website and uploaded... C3P0. That is right, Anthony Daniel's shrill and clipped voice guided me through Chicago (where i was visiting my editor) and down the highways to the gathering.

Fast forward to this year where I have lost my beloved TomTom inside a box in the reno hell that is still my basement. We are unpacking them slowly but I would rather spend time writing than digging through boxes.
And so...I just got a new GPS. A Garmin GPS that does not have C3P0 as an option (insert sad face here). However, this year...Darth Vader will be escorting me down south with his tie fighter showing me my location on my wee little magical box.
That's right. After testing all the voices for coherency and ease of understanding, I went with Darth Vader over Oscar the Grouch...When did I lose the child within, I ask you?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The end of a reno...and sanity.

For those of you who have tried to live a normal life while your home was shredded to pieces, you know whereof I speak.
In the last month my kitchen was torn out, all floors were ripped asunder and my ceilings were shredded so that they could be replaced with soundproofing inside.

It finished on Friday.

Now, I am in the position of putting the kitchen items back into 'new' places. I am working to find the best location for my coffee maker...and in all of this I had a deadline for 6 stories.

If my offerings of April seem lackluster to you, bear in mind that my world was filled with hammers, drills, drywall dust and exhaustion. Nothing was normal and the fact that I was able to work at all shocked the heck out of me.

so, take pity on these books. Fighting Sanity, Dancing for the Skylord, Askance, Avenge, Ascent and A Hunter's Dream. They are children of the reno and deserve your compassion. ;)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Deadlines, drywall and books going to print.

Hello all, sorry for the delay in posting... (I say that a lot)

This month marks the renovation of my kitchen from floors to ceiling. 
My brother, sister and I did the ceiling and soundproofing ourselves and all I can say...if you can afford it, hire someone. My arms were dead from the shoulder down for two days.

Fortunately, the timing put it squarely in the 'proofing of print books' category so i didn't have to do too much typing.

And so...I am delighted to announce that not only are the Sci-fi Fairy Tales going to print, but Sector Guard Collections 1 and 2 will be joining it. (I hope that the other three collections will make it to print by Xmas, but time will tell)

The cover art for the fairly tales will not be appearing within the book. Images just make the file too darned big. I begged, whined and pleaded...but no go. The only image on the cover will be Asylum Mine as the poster child for the book.

Is it a horrible thing that reading the sector guard books again for the first time in years made me laugh out loud?

I will be signing these books (and the Nexus series) at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Gathering June 1. I look forward to seeing them in person because that will be the first moment that I see them in public.

Monday, 20 February 2012

You are what you read?

As some of you know, I actually read and respond to reader mail. This encompasses everything from folks who are upset that a series is over, to authors who are starting out and want some directions on how to get their books out there.
Mostly, I get reader mail that makes me happy. Brings a tear to my eye. People talk about my books making them happy, that they enjoy it, share them with family and friends and that a smile inevitably ensues.
That makes me all warm and fuzzy.

This week I got an email from an author who describes their own work as 'disturbing' and their readers on the creepy side.  This made me wonder, are we what we read?

I have gone over my bookshelves and found plenty of books by author's who's works make me smile, but I have also found a collection of research materials that can only be described as staggering. It is the books on research that I turn to time and again. The books on writing, science, sex in history and body products are all in my current reading area.
The dictionary is nearby, but not for standard reading, I use it to title the Terran Times series.
What does my choice of reading material say about me?
What does your choice say about you?
Take a look at the most recent books on your kindle, ereader, or computer. Were those books bought because it was the mood you were in at the time... or was it the mood you wanted to capture?

Sorry for the weird monday thoughts.  No one should blog on a monday. :)

On the plus side, I have completed A Drop of Blood, my final Sci-fi Fairy tale, so the complete collection will be available in print (signed by me) at the Lori Foster gathering, and on Amazon at about the same time.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Renovations for House, Home and Habits...

This year is a big one for me in the matter of renovations around the house. The house I live in has not had any work done to it in over 30 years. I started last year by raising my garage to stop it from flooding, getting some new windows in the big heat-sucking room of the house, and having a brick patio laid to eradicate the weeds in my back yard where my rotted patio used to be.
 Other folks have nice friendly dandelions, I had raspberries and thistles.

This year, my favourite rooms in the house are getting an overhaul. I am having the kitchen redone into something far more user friendly (in april)...and that leads to my habits changing.

Every evening, I sit in my recliner and write. 6-8 hours per night, I work on being an author.
Now we get to the problem. With my environment in upheaval I will be facing the great unknown. I will lose control over my environment and in doing so, over my ability to write for a while.
Will endless references in my work to banging noises and handymen irritate my readers? Can I find a way to hide in my own home from the changes taking place?
Nothing of this nature has ever happened to me before. I am sure that it will freak me out, but I have no idea how this will affect me and for how long I will be a little bonkers.

with seven weeks in the countdown to complete re-distribution of my home, I can hardly wait to find out. I wonder what my books will do in the interim.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Author or Writer? and upcoming books...

Often, when folks are describing themselves or their literary occupation, they choose the term Writer. I am a proponent of Writer as a misnomer.
Before I had anything published, I was a writer. I wrote almost constantly, stringing thoughts together endlessly and piling my computer's My Documents folder full of disjointed plot lines and character studies.
The moment that I let someone else see my work I made the transition from Writer to Author. Once you have a published piece, no matter the means of publication, you are the Author of that body of work.
As such, I speak to you now as an Author...and my author-hood is going to grow by three on Wednesday next week.
Some folks wonder how I can have multiple books out at the same time, and it is quite simple. While Extasy Books owns all three outlets, I have negotiated an agreement so that I can utilize all three at the same time.
And so, next week will see Silver and Silence at Trapezium (exclusive to them for 3 months), The Warder's Demon at Extasy Books (this will complete the series...finally),   and the new Tales of the Citadel series will continue with Wrapped in Thought leading the way.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ebay vs. the chickens

I will admit it. I am addicted to Ebay. And Amazon, and any number of other online shopping outlets.
In 2012, I have decided to curb my online urges in a way that will not leave me with a hollow feeling at the end of the year.
Every time I want to make a purchase at Ebay for something frivolous, I will make a matching purchase of an animal or a charitable donation online, elsewhere.
Not only will this make me think twice about making a purchase, but I will have a smug hum about me throughout the year.
So far, through I have bought 4 chickens and a goat. Its $16 bucks per chicken and $45 per goat. The MCC gives me the option to buy some rabbits or other animals, as well as donate to water projects and stuff of that nature.

My sister has asked me why I don't sponsor a child, and I frankly don't subscribe to individual sponsorship. It is a great thing, don't get me wrong, but helping the community to be safer, healthier and more productive will directly affect the children.  I am a 'big picture' kinda gal.

Anyway, this is my 'New Year's Resolution'  What is yours?