Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Author or Writer? and upcoming books...

Often, when folks are describing themselves or their literary occupation, they choose the term Writer. I am a proponent of Writer as a misnomer.
Before I had anything published, I was a writer. I wrote almost constantly, stringing thoughts together endlessly and piling my computer's My Documents folder full of disjointed plot lines and character studies.
The moment that I let someone else see my work I made the transition from Writer to Author. Once you have a published piece, no matter the means of publication, you are the Author of that body of work.
As such, I speak to you now as an Author...and my author-hood is going to grow by three on Wednesday next week.
Some folks wonder how I can have multiple books out at the same time, and it is quite simple. While Extasy Books owns all three outlets, I have negotiated an agreement so that I can utilize all three at the same time.
And so, next week will see Silver and Silence at Trapezium (exclusive to them for 3 months), The Warder's Demon at Extasy Books (this will complete the series...finally),   and the new Tales of the Citadel series will continue with Wrapped in Thought leading the way.

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