Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ebay vs. the chickens

I will admit it. I am addicted to Ebay. And Amazon, and any number of other online shopping outlets.
In 2012, I have decided to curb my online urges in a way that will not leave me with a hollow feeling at the end of the year.
Every time I want to make a purchase at Ebay for something frivolous, I will make a matching purchase of an animal or a charitable donation online, elsewhere.
Not only will this make me think twice about making a purchase, but I will have a smug hum about me throughout the year.
So far, through I have bought 4 chickens and a goat. Its $16 bucks per chicken and $45 per goat. The MCC gives me the option to buy some rabbits or other animals, as well as donate to water projects and stuff of that nature.

My sister has asked me why I don't sponsor a child, and I frankly don't subscribe to individual sponsorship. It is a great thing, don't get me wrong, but helping the community to be safer, healthier and more productive will directly affect the children.  I am a 'big picture' kinda gal.

Anyway, this is my 'New Year's Resolution'  What is yours?

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  1. My NYR is to more, 2.Stop the Amazon and Best Buy impulse purchases, 3.lose weight and 4. finish decluttering my house. (I swear the plastic containers and paper multiply when I turn my back!) But that's my list!
    Happy Year!