Monday, 20 February 2012

You are what you read?

As some of you know, I actually read and respond to reader mail. This encompasses everything from folks who are upset that a series is over, to authors who are starting out and want some directions on how to get their books out there.
Mostly, I get reader mail that makes me happy. Brings a tear to my eye. People talk about my books making them happy, that they enjoy it, share them with family and friends and that a smile inevitably ensues.
That makes me all warm and fuzzy.

This week I got an email from an author who describes their own work as 'disturbing' and their readers on the creepy side.  This made me wonder, are we what we read?

I have gone over my bookshelves and found plenty of books by author's who's works make me smile, but I have also found a collection of research materials that can only be described as staggering. It is the books on research that I turn to time and again. The books on writing, science, sex in history and body products are all in my current reading area.
The dictionary is nearby, but not for standard reading, I use it to title the Terran Times series.
What does my choice of reading material say about me?
What does your choice say about you?
Take a look at the most recent books on your kindle, ereader, or computer. Were those books bought because it was the mood you were in at the time... or was it the mood you wanted to capture?

Sorry for the weird monday thoughts.  No one should blog on a monday. :)

On the plus side, I have completed A Drop of Blood, my final Sci-fi Fairy tale, so the complete collection will be available in print (signed by me) at the Lori Foster gathering, and on Amazon at about the same time.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Renovations for House, Home and Habits...

This year is a big one for me in the matter of renovations around the house. The house I live in has not had any work done to it in over 30 years. I started last year by raising my garage to stop it from flooding, getting some new windows in the big heat-sucking room of the house, and having a brick patio laid to eradicate the weeds in my back yard where my rotted patio used to be.
 Other folks have nice friendly dandelions, I had raspberries and thistles.

This year, my favourite rooms in the house are getting an overhaul. I am having the kitchen redone into something far more user friendly (in april)...and that leads to my habits changing.

Every evening, I sit in my recliner and write. 6-8 hours per night, I work on being an author.
Now we get to the problem. With my environment in upheaval I will be facing the great unknown. I will lose control over my environment and in doing so, over my ability to write for a while.
Will endless references in my work to banging noises and handymen irritate my readers? Can I find a way to hide in my own home from the changes taking place?
Nothing of this nature has ever happened to me before. I am sure that it will freak me out, but I have no idea how this will affect me and for how long I will be a little bonkers.

with seven weeks in the countdown to complete re-distribution of my home, I can hardly wait to find out. I wonder what my books will do in the interim.