Thursday, 5 April 2012

Deadlines, drywall and books going to print.

Hello all, sorry for the delay in posting... (I say that a lot)

This month marks the renovation of my kitchen from floors to ceiling. 
My brother, sister and I did the ceiling and soundproofing ourselves and all I can say...if you can afford it, hire someone. My arms were dead from the shoulder down for two days.

Fortunately, the timing put it squarely in the 'proofing of print books' category so i didn't have to do too much typing.

And so...I am delighted to announce that not only are the Sci-fi Fairy Tales going to print, but Sector Guard Collections 1 and 2 will be joining it. (I hope that the other three collections will make it to print by Xmas, but time will tell)

The cover art for the fairly tales will not be appearing within the book. Images just make the file too darned big. I begged, whined and pleaded...but no go. The only image on the cover will be Asylum Mine as the poster child for the book.

Is it a horrible thing that reading the sector guard books again for the first time in years made me laugh out loud?

I will be signing these books (and the Nexus series) at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Gathering June 1. I look forward to seeing them in person because that will be the first moment that I see them in public.

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