Sunday, 29 April 2012

The end of a reno...and sanity.

For those of you who have tried to live a normal life while your home was shredded to pieces, you know whereof I speak.
In the last month my kitchen was torn out, all floors were ripped asunder and my ceilings were shredded so that they could be replaced with soundproofing inside.

It finished on Friday.

Now, I am in the position of putting the kitchen items back into 'new' places. I am working to find the best location for my coffee maker...and in all of this I had a deadline for 6 stories.

If my offerings of April seem lackluster to you, bear in mind that my world was filled with hammers, drills, drywall dust and exhaustion. Nothing was normal and the fact that I was able to work at all shocked the heck out of me.

so, take pity on these books. Fighting Sanity, Dancing for the Skylord, Askance, Avenge, Ascent and A Hunter's Dream. They are children of the reno and deserve your compassion. ;)


  1. Well geez! I thought those stories had some unique and clever premises in them. You did good, girl.

  2. I vote "yes" to another Shattered Stars story. Loved it!

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