Thursday, 17 May 2012

The force is strong in my GPS

Last year when I traveled on my own to Cinncinati for the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together, I needed a new GPS voice. The wussy little feminine voice that it comes with is far too timid to cut through radio and road noise.
With that in mind I went to the TomTom website and uploaded... C3P0. That is right, Anthony Daniel's shrill and clipped voice guided me through Chicago (where i was visiting my editor) and down the highways to the gathering.

Fast forward to this year where I have lost my beloved TomTom inside a box in the reno hell that is still my basement. We are unpacking them slowly but I would rather spend time writing than digging through boxes.
And so...I just got a new GPS. A Garmin GPS that does not have C3P0 as an option (insert sad face here). However, this year...Darth Vader will be escorting me down south with his tie fighter showing me my location on my wee little magical box.
That's right. After testing all the voices for coherency and ease of understanding, I went with Darth Vader over Oscar the Grouch...When did I lose the child within, I ask you?


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